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  Welcome to Elden Elementary Main Office 

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Mrs. Swanson
School Secretary
Mrs. Anselment
Teacher Aide
Mrs. Penoyer
School Nurse


Nurses Information

Click here for Nurse Penoyer's important information about when to keep your child home due to illness

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For health information and forms
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Student Arrival & Dismissal Procedures For Elden Elementary

Students Arrive:          8:30 AM
Instruction Begins:      8:50 AM
Announcements:         8:55 AM


Calling in a Student’s Absence/Tardiness (638-6118)

If your student is going to be absent or tardy you need to call the school to inform us.  On the day of your child’s absence/tardiness you will need to call the main number (638-6118) and leave a message telling us: you child’s name, teacher, date of absence/tardiness and the reason.  This can be done 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  There is voice mail that you can use to leave a message.


AM Arrival Procedures

Arrival of Students Being Dropped-Off:

For the safety of the students the following needs to occur when driving children to school in the morning:

  • Vehicles enter the rear parking lot, on the far right-hand side; follow the yellow painted car lane

  • Vehicles enter this area in single-file, not side-by-side

  • As vehicles enter this drop-off lane, they pull all the way forward so the first car is facing the playground

  • At 8:30 AM the staff member on duty will motion for the cars that are at the head of the line to let children out on the passenger side of the vehicle (this prevents children from exiting on the driver side and being out of sight from supervision).

  • Once a child has exited the vehicle, the vehicle exits the drop-off lane. 

  • The children will enter in through the Kindergarten door at the end of the school toward the playground.

  • At that time, the next group of vehicles pulls forward to repeat the above process.

It is important that parents remain in the vehicle as their child exits the vehicle.  Vehicles are not to park in the drop-off lane.  This will minimize the amount of time for vehicles waiting in the drop-off lane.  Also, please do not pull into a parking space and have children exit a vehicle from there.  This has them crossing the path of moving vehicles and is unsafe.

If a parent is bringing his/her child to school to assist them with a large item (e.g. a project; musical instrument, etc.) then please park in the rear parking lot and walk them through the vehicles to the school when the staff member signals.


Arrival of Students Who Walk or Are Bussed:

Walkers will enter the building from one of the front entrances.  Students arriving by bus will enter through one of the two front entrances.
No students are to enter the building prior to 8:30 A.M.  
There will be no supervision available until that time.


PM Pick Up Procedures 
Important:  Please note that effective Thursday, September 15th – due to the interests of student safety, children will no longer be permitted to wait for rides outside of the building, or to walk unescorted to cars in the parking lot.  If you would like to pick your student up at dismissal you MUST sign them out in the APR.  Parents who have sent it notes stating that their student is a “walker” will be automatically put on the list for parent pick-ups.  If your student physically walks home please send in a note stating that (NO PARKING LOT PICK UPS). 

New dismissal procedure along with times:

*3:10pm – Parents who wish to pick up their students at dismissal will be let into the APR to begin signing their students out. 
*3:15pm – The bell rings to signal students to begin preparations for dismissal. 
*3:18pm – 3:20pm - Students in Grades K-2 will report to the APR.  Students in Grades 3-5 will be called down to the cafeteria immediately following.
*3:25pm – Students who attend the YMCA program will be dismissed to the APR (Stage Side).  Students in grades K-1 will have a representative from the YMCA program come to the classrooms to pick up the students at 3:20pm. 
*3:27pm or when busses arrive – Students will be called to busses in the order they arrive.
*3:35pm – 3:40pm – This time will be reserved for students who wish to physically walk home.  (Please send in a note stating this is your wish – no PARKING LOT PICK UP)
If you need to pick your student up before the dismissal procedure begins for appointments we ask that you send in a note to have your student picked up prior to 3:10pm.  This will avoid a delay in getting to your appointment.
We realize that this new procedure may be inconvenient for some families but, we believe in making dismissal safe for all students and families.  



Secure Entry System AND Photo I.D. Procedure


Raptor Visitor Badge System

We use the Raptor program to check in our school visitors.  This will apply to visitors with whom we are both familiar and unfamiliar. When you visit Elden during school hours, you must present a driver’s license if you wish to visit any part of the school other than the office reception area.

We will use Raptor during regular office hours to compare information taken from the ID (names, birthday, etc.) to databases of registered sex offenders. Once a driver’s license is scanned by the school employee—and it is determined that the visitor is not a registered sex offender—a visitor badge will be printed with a photo and the person can proceed to their destination. Your driver’s license will be returned when the school employee presents the visitor badge to you.  This process takes about 30 to 45 seconds.

Those without a driver’s license will be asked for other identification to enter the building, beyond the reception area and asked to wear a Visitor’s Badge.



Secure Door Entry System

When you visit Elden, you will continue to enter and exit out of the Main Doors, located in the front bus circle.  Please remember that between 8:30AM – 3:30PM all Visitors are asked to either park in the front parking lot or in the rear parking lot, but to only utilize the front Main Doors.

Main Door Entry (Located in front bus circle):

The exterior Main Doors will be unlocked upon your arrival.  Inside the vestibule you will find three locked doors.  On the right wall is a Security Pad and camera.  You will press the button and Office Personnel will greet you via the intercom from the office.  The camera will capture your image and they will ask you to identify yourself and the purpose of your visit.  When you hear a buzz the far right door will be released and you can pull it open.

At that point please do the following:

  1. Go past the door to the office to the sliding window.  Let the Office Personnel know the purpose of your visit.

  2. If you are dropping off something for a student, you can give it to the Office Personnel and they will deliver it to your child.

  3. If you are visiting a classroom or staff member for a previously scheduled appointment or event please follow the Raptor Visitor Badge System described above.  

NOTE:  If you need to talk with a teacher it is best you contact them via telephone, email or a note to ask your question or to schedule an appointment.  Though it may seem convenient to stop and see them in the morning, please remember this is not a good time for them as they have a classroom of students to supervise, and they are unable to converse with you at that time.

Walking Your Child to their Classroom:

In order to provide optimum safety for all children, we ask that you do not walk your children to their classroom in the morning, if you bring them to school. Staff, as well as our Student Safety Patrol is stationed throughout the hallways to assist any child.  If there is a special circumstance that requires you walking your child to class (e.g. delivering a project), then please sign in and follow the above procedures.

Please know that all of us at Elden welcome parents and families to our school.  We want you to participate fully in your child’s education.  Our goal is also to provide all students with a safe learning environment.  We appreciate your assistance as we attempt to achieve this goal.  If you should have any questions about these procedures please do not hesitate to contact me.

If your child will be picked up from school for any reason, i.e.: dental/doctor appointment, etc., or if your child will be staying after school for any reason, please send in a note for each child, each time.

If your child is going to be late or absent for any reason, please call the office at 638-6118 to advice us. We do have a voicemail system in place should you need to reach the office either before or after normal business hours. 


Calling in a Student’s Absence/Tardiness (638-6118)

If your student is going to be absent or tardy you need to call the school to inform us.  On the day of your child’s absence/tardiness you will need to call the main number (638-6118) and leave a message telling us: you child’s name, teacher, date of absence/tardiness and the reason.  This can be done 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  There is voice mail that you can use to leave a message.

Note: Students returning to school after an absence will still need to bring in an excuse written and signed by a parent. 



If you are signing a student out during the day for an appointment, please send in a note containing all information with the child in the morning. You will need to come into the main office to sign a student out of school.

If you are signing a student out of the Health Office who is ill, please sign in at the Main Office and then proceed to the Health Office.

Students Are Asked To. . .

  • Attend school daily unless ill or excused. A note from the parent/guardian should be sent with the child on returning to school explaining the reason for the absence.

  • Be on time! School begins at 8:50 am. If a student is late because of an appointment, etc., the student needs to report to the main office before proceeding to his/her classroom. A note from the parent/guardian should be sent with the child on returning to school explaining the tardiness.

  • Come to school with the necessary books and materials. A teacher should not have to delay starting class because a student has come unprepared to work.

  • Act appropriately.

  • Be respectful of others.



  •  Do not disturb the drivers. Their attention should be on driving.

  •  Cooperate with the driver and obey his/her reasonable requests.

  •  Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion.

  •  Do not throw or carry objects dangerous to yourself or others.

  •  Keep hands, feet and head inside the bus at all times.

  •  Be courteous, and talk in a normal tone of voice.

  • Do not smoke, eat, or drink on the bus.


Make these rules a habit every time you go walking!


♦Walk on sidewalks, when it is possible. In areas where there are no sidewalks walk on the left side of the roadway. Always walk facing oncoming traffic.

♦Stop and look all ways before crossing roadways. Leave the curb only when oncoming cars are at least a block away.

♦Cross the roadway only at corners.

♦Never enter the roadway from between parked cars. Don't enter the roadway from behind bushes or shrubs.

♦Be extra alert in bad weather. Remember visibility is greatly reduced in rain or snow. It also takes vehicles longer to stop.

♦Obey adult crossing guard's directions. 


 Lost and Found

If your child has misplaced any articles of clothing, lunch time containers, or school related items, have them check the Lost and Found. It is a cabinet located in the APR.  It will be cleaned out at the end of each quarter.  Any items not picked up will be donated.  PLEASE WRITE YOUR CHILD'S NAME, FIRST OR LAST, IN ALL CLOTHING THAT THEY CAN TAKE OFF.  Every year we have brand new clothing that is never claimed.  With their name or initials in the clothing, it has a better chance of making it back to them.