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Staff Resources
Resource  Description
After School Academy Form Please user this form to recommend students for after school support or to recommend a student as a peer tutor.
Sting Form A "sting" is designed to advance student learning by providing support for students that will lead to successful completion of of classroom/homework assignments. **See your E-mail for link to spreadsheet to verify attendance**
Electronic Discipline and DASA Form Directions PDF with directions for submitting electronic discipline refferals via SchoolTools
M-B-A Referral Form The MBA process identifies students that require targeted strategies to address special individual learning needs, providing review, intervention and progress monitoring. 
Common Core Student Proficiency Spreadsheet Download a copy of the spreadsheet used to track common core proficiency thinking skills.
IST Referral Form The IST form is for teachers to share student concerns with the Instructional Support Team
Student Learning Team Updates You must be logged into your Baldwinsville e-mail to access the blog
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PostConference Resources