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Entering, Emerging Stand Alone ENL : 0106 : 40 weeks : 1 Credit
Students are identified for English as a New Language services through the use of student interviews, Home Language Surveys, and the New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners (NYSITELL).  Those who are new arrivals from another country and speak no English and those who speak another language at home and score below the proficiency level on the NYSITELL test into the program. Basic survival skills and vocabulary are taught through exercises in listening/comprehension, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking.  Varied reading, graphic organization, and cooperative learning strategies are taught.  Students are required to develop projects related to the current unit and give oral presentations quarterly.  Reading comprehension is taught through the use of studying current events in newspapers.  Public speaking is practiced weekly with discussion cards.  Grammar, writing and critical thinking skills are taught using a multi-cultural curriculum that teaches meaningful language that pertains to academic content areas.  Math, social studies, science and literature are woven throughout the curriculum to teach and support concepts and vocabulary in content area classes.  Unit exams test the progress of students.   The New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT) is administered in May every year to check the progress of students. Students at this level receive minimally one Stand Alone ENL class and one Integrated ENL class.
Transitioning, Expanding Integrated ENL : 0107 : 40 weeks : 1 Credit
Students who score at the Transitioning or Expanding Level just receive one Integrated ENL class. The ENL teacher in a content area class such as English, Math, Science or Social Studies integrates literacy and content to teach language. One content area credit is awarded upon passing each corresponding ENL unit of study. Approved accommodations are offered on Regents, such as extra time, bilingual glossaries, some test translations and writing in their native language. Students who score at the proficient level, Commanding, in the listening, speaking, reading and writing areas of the NYSESLAT exit out of the ENL program.