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Physical Education and Health
Physical Education : 9671 : 40 Weeks :1/2 Credit
The Baldwinsville Central School District Commencement Standard in Physical Education for students is to develop an advanced level of wellness skills to create and pursue a lifetime fitness plan. PE classes are designed to make learning fun. They are geared toward positive self-esteem and co-operative learning experiences. Some of the activities include step aerobics, kickboxing, tae-bo, Pilates, hip hop dance, yoga, weight training, tennis, physical fitness, various team and individual sports and healthy living activities. Sophomores have a series of required units of study including successful completion of the Baldwinsville swim/water safety unit.
Health : 9871 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit
This course is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a health enhancing lifestyle. The course consists of planned learning experiences that will allow the students to authentically apply the learned skills which are aligned with the New York State Health Education Learning Standards. The goal of Health Education is to give the students the necessary confidence and skills to practice health enhancing behaviors This course is a graduation requirement.
Athletic Training I : 9679 : 40 Weeks : 1 Credit
This course offers an introductory look at the broad field of Sports Medicine in today’s society. It is an essential course for students interested in the field of Athletic Training and would be beneficial for anyone considering a career in physical therapy, nursing, or medicine. It covers basic human anatomy, human physiology, athletic injuries, prevention of athletic injuries, evaluation techniques, as well as the care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.
Athletic Training II : 9677 : 40 Weeks : 1 Credit   Prerequisite: Successfully completed Athletic Training I
This course includes traditional classroom activities and “hands-on” lab sessions in the high school training room, as well as guest speakers working in different positions in the field of sports medicine. After school observation sessions are required and provide the student with a chance to observe and demonstrate knowledge gained in the classroom while aiding in the care of athletes. It is a full year, 1 credit elective class for Juniors and Seniors. This course is a pre-requisite for the Athletic Training Internship.

Firefighter/EMS Training : 9111 : 20 Weeks : 1/2 Credit
(Enrollment Preference will be given to Juniors and Seniors)
This course will expose students to basic firefighting skills and basic emergency medical training, and prepare a student to join a volunteer fire department as an exterior firefighter. Students will be provided with basic training in Scene Support, CPR/AED and First Aid. During the Scene Support Operations Unit, students will be provided with the training that provides them with skills to support fire activities that arise before, during and after fire attacks. Additionally, students will learn CPR / AED which will certify them to provide effective basic life support in the event of an emergency. This course will also address Basic First Aid and the signs and symptoms of sudden injury and/or illness.