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The following grading policies are included in our Student Code of Conduct (, and are communicated via our School Counselors during their individual meetings with students and also during group sessions. A student schedule is prepared with due consideration and input from teachers, parents, and counselors. All course offerings for the beginning of the school year must have been finalized with your counselor prior to April break. No course selection changes can be guaranteed after this date. Due to the complexities of scheduling at both Baker and Durgee, requests for teachers or for teacher changes cannot be honored.
In the case of extenuating circumstances, a semester course can be dropped or added up to two (2) weeks into the semester and a full-year course can be dropped or added prior to the completion of the fifth (5th) week of instruction. Students are expected to maintain a course load of six credits plus physical education (6.5 total credits).  Any time after this deadline schedule changes would have to be discussed with the Building Principal prior to a request from the teacher or Guidance Counselor.
In order to drop a course, the student must request the proper forms from his or her counselor. For a drop to be referred to the principal for final review, it must be acknowledged by the teacher, parents/guardians, and counselor. The building principal will make the final determination as to whether the request to drop a course will be approved or denied based upon a comprehensive review of the student’s entire educational programming. In many cases, a conference with parents and staff will be requested. It is the responsibility of the students to return all books and equipment for the class being dropped.