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What is a short-term closure?

Occasionally, it may be necessary for Durgee Jr. High to close for a short period of time. These closures may be only 1 day or up to 2 weeks. Short-term closures may happen if the weather is bad, and a snow day is called, or if a large number of individuals are quarantined, etc.

What are student responsibilities during a short-term closure?

During a short-term closure, students are expected to work virtually from home. As a reminder, snow days are now considered instructional days, and students are expected to continue their schoolwork.
  • If the closure occurs on a day when the student's cohort was expected to attend school in-person, students will be expected to attend live sessions (meet synchronously with their teacher) from home. Please use the district calendar, linked below, to determine what days your student's cohort is scheduled for in-person instruction.
  • If the closure occurs on a day when the student's cohort was already scheduled to learn from home, the student will work asynchronously and is NOT expected to attend live sessions, though they will complete any previously assigned work posted in Google Classroom. Please use the district calendar, linked below, to determine what days your student's cohort is scheduled for remote instruction.
  • 100% remote students are not impacted by short term closures and they are expected to attend live sessions and complete assignments as previously scheduled. 

What schedule do students follow during a short-term closure?

  • Students scheduled to attend in-person on a closure day: In the event of a short-term closure, our students that were scheduled to attend in-person classes will follow the bell schedule posted below. Students are expected to arrive on time to live sessions in Google Meets. Remember, during a short-term closure, ONLY students previously scheduled to be in-person will attend live sessions.  It will be recommended to teachers to limit synchronous (live) instruction to the first 30 minutes of the period each day to address concerns about student screen time.  How the other 23 minutes of each class is used will be determined by the teacher with the expectation that they are available to assist students until the class period ends.
  • Students scheduled to work remotely on a closure day: Students do not attend live sessions, and instead may work at their own pace on assignments posted in Google Classroom. 
  • 100% remote students: No changes to the normal schedule. 

Short Term Closure Schedule for Live Sessions

Period Time
Period 1 7:40 - 8:33 am
Period 2 8:37 - 9:30 am
Period 3 9:34 - 10:27 am
Period 4/Lunch 10:31 - 11:54 am
This is a longer block of time that includes lunch. Students will receive a lunch break as normally scheduled, during either the first 30 minutes of the period or the last 30 minutes of the period. 
Period 5 11:58 am-12:51 pm
Period 6 12:55 - 1:48 pm
Office Hours 2:00 - 2:45 pm
Student attendance at office hours is optional, and availability is based on the teacher's schedule.

How do students attend live sessions during a short-term closure?

Students in the cohort scheduled for in-person instruction will attend live sessions by clicking on the Google Meet link displayed in the header of the Google Classroom. See the example below for link location.