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Any junior, male or female, interested in the United States Service Academies should investigate the application procedures leading to acceptance. As in past years, the application process begins in the spring of your junior year and terminates approximately November 15. The process includes filling out the application forms, taking the necessary college admissions examinations and requesting that test scores be mailed to the appropriate program or institution. Deadline dates vary. It is your responsibility to know when they are.

Competition is stiff. Candidates for all but the Coast Guard Academy must have a nomination, usually from a member of Congress or the Vice President of the United States. Spring semester of your junior year is the recommended time to apply for a nomination, but later requests may be accepted. 

Senator Charles Schumer

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Congressman John Katko

Vice President Mike Pence

See the admissions website for detailed information on each academy.

United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

Unites States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO

Unites States Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT

United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, NY