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Print Collection  

We’re proud of our current, relevant fiction collection. It’s filled with popular titles with something for everyone. We try to be really responsive to your requests - we buy what YOU want to read. Please feel free to make suggestions! Among area school libraries, we currently maintain one of the largest collections of graphic novels -- we have well over 2000 titles in this area! We’re also unique because our fiction books are shelved by genre. For example, that means if you liked Harry Potter, it’s really easy to find other fantasy titles because they‘re all on the same shelf.

Online Collection  
We maintain a huge variety of online resources, including online magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias. These resources can be accessed from both the library and from home. A list of available resources, including login and password information, is available in the library. Most of our online resources can be accessed from the library's Web site by the following links to “Databases,” “Reference” and “Classroom Projects.”
Books, magazines and audiobooks may be checked out of the library. Typically, we limit you to 5 items at a time (but we’re willing to negotiate). Books may be borrowed for two weeks, though we‘ll happily renew most things if you need more time. Magazines, other than the most recent issue, may be borrowed overnight. Overdue notices are sent to homerooms to remind you of overdue materials. Failure to return materials may result in the loss of library privileges. If library materials are lost or damaged, you will be expected to pay for replacement materials.

Durgee’s library is officially open from 7:30 AM until 2:45 PM, Monday thru Friday. You’re encouraged to visit the library before homeroom, during study hall and lunch period, and after school. If you have questions about visiting, please stop by and ask. You may use the library to borrow and return books, access online databases and resources, complete group projects, read, or hone your chess skills.

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