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In music we are continuing to learn about opposites in our music classes.  

BEAT is our first Vocabulary Word for the year!

Is beat Steady or Uneven? 

We will explore this through various activites: 

Marching, Jumping, Patting to the Steady Beat of the Music.
Passing the ball around the circle to the Steady Beat of the Music.
Using Rhythm Sticks to Keep the Steady Beat in Music adds to our fun

In October we took an adventure with our favorite green friend, Freddie the Frog, to find out what made the thump in the night? 
We met Freddie's friend Eli the Elephant and learned about the Music Staff and High & Low Pitches.  
Playing games on was a favorite activity to make matches of high and low pitches.

In November we learned some great patriotic songs to honor our family and friends who are Veterans.  
We had fun coloring some pictures to honor our Veterans for all they have done to keep us safe and free.
To end November we played Turkey Tac Toe while playing instruments and reviewing simple rhythms of quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes. 
Tom Turkey was also another fun activity where we played 10 different instruments to a certain rhythm Mrs. Kahl picked for us.