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As part of our 3rd Grade Music Curriculum here at Baldwinsville students study recorder throughout music class this year. The recorder experience is meant to be a fun introduction to the world of instrumental music. We hope that many students will enjoy this experience and want to pursue a musical instrument of their choice in years to come.

Students use the recorders here at Elden during their music class. They are cleaned, sterilized and kept in the students labeled ziploc bag after each class. Many students have expressed interest in purchasing their own recorders to use at home in order to practice and share with family members what they are learning. If you would like to purchase your child a recorder below are a few companies that I know have quality recorders at a price that is reasonable.  

Music & Arts Center (across from Great Northern Mall) 
West Music (Online retailer with an excellent reputation) and look for West Music Brand Basic Recorder = $2.25 + tax and shipping and handling so you can have a recorder for approximately $3.00

IF you are looking online at for a recorder- make sure it is a soprano recorder that you are purchasing.  If you find a recorder you'd like to purchase and would like my opinion please feel free to contact me at school 315-638-6118 or through e-mail: and I'd be happy to assit you.