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Ms. Fox's Algebra 2 - Common Core Page

Supplies:  A TI-84+ graphing calcuator is required for this course.  A TI-83+ calculator will work, but the TI84+ has a few extra functions that make it a better fit for this class.  I would suggest shopping online ahead of time, and watch the store sdvertisements.  A price inthe $80 range is a a good price.  Don't be afraid to purchase a used calculator.  They generally don't get viruses and are ususally hold up pretty well ofter years of use.  Also, the school has a loaner program in which students can sign-out a calculator for the year at no cost unless the calculator gets lost or damaged.  See your teacher during the first week of school in order to obtain a sign-out sheet.
Student will also need a 1" or 1-1/2" three ring binder with looseleaf and graph paper.
Notes and Assignment Sheets